I am proud to have served as your representative on the Town Council since 2010, and as the Council Chairman since 2014. We have had our fair of challenges over the last two years, several of which are a direct result of the COVID 19 pandemic. With the support and partnership with my colleague Tom Laffin, we were able to adapt the work of the Council to a virtual environment, allowing us to safely and successfully conduct the business of Wallingford.

There have been many accomplishments over the last several years that we all should be proud of:

1. Our new Plan of Conservation and Development, which focuses on downtown development, was drafted and adopted in 2017, and is being executed.

2. We have sensible tax incentives in place to encourage downtown development, specifically near the train station.

3. We have a group of local business owners, all of whom I am proud to call “friends”, who funded our July 4th Fireworks from 2016 to 2019. We will work hard to bring that tradition back once it is safe to do so.  

4. We have sensible and competitive real estate taxes, with good services, making Wallingford a great place to live.

5. We have one of thehighest possible bond  ratings, which gives us the ability to bond and refinance at the lowest possible rates.

6. We maintain one of the lowest ‘per capita’ debt rates in the state, less than $1,000 per resident.

7. We continue to maintain a strong cash reserve for the town, making us one of the few municipalities in the state that has the security and flexibility to operate successfully even when times get tough.

8. Our schools, under the leadership of our excellent Board of Education and Superintendent Danielle Bellizzi, are strong and getting stronger. I am proud of my support for their work.

9. Thanks to our excellent colleagues on the Public Utilities Commission and their oversite, The Wallingford Electric Division has the lowest cost and most reliable utilities in the state, with plenty of sensible tax incentives to bring businesses to our town.

For all of these reasons, and many more, our town is a wonderful place to live. Competitive taxes, good services, low cost and reliable energy, and a strong school system all add up to a strong Wallingford.

Let’s work together to keep the momentum going!