Go Wallingford!


Our new Plan of Conservation and Development was drafted and adopted in this past term.  The Plan encourages positive development in Wallingford with an emphasis on downtown development.


We have in place tax incentives to encourage new development in the downtown district, near the new, soon to open train station.


Through my negotiation and organization, our wonderful business owners have donated enough to fund the Fourth of July Fireworks Celebration for 2016 and 2017.  This is true American spirit!


We have maintained low taxes and maintain good services in exchange for the taxpayer's dollar.


We have achieved and maintained an Aaa bond rating!  This gives the Town the ability bond at the lowest available interest rates and to refinance bonds as interest rates decrease.


We maintain a bonded debt per capita ratio of less than $1000 per resident.  This also contributes to our Aaa bond rating.


Our schools are continuously improving.  Our talented Board of Education, combined with the school system's professional leader, Superintendent Dr. Sal Menzo, have improved our school system while maintaining efficiency.  I am proud to say that I have supported the Board of Education and their leaders in their work.


The Wallingford Electric Division is an excellent enterprise, keeping energy rates low for residents while attracting businesses to Town for the same reason.  More businesses in Town reduce the residential tax burden.


Our Electric Division also creates rate incentives for new businesses moving to the downtown district.  It is important that we keep moving toward a revitalized downtown.  This is the face of our Town for a great variety of visitors, whether for business or academic travel.